Friday, 6 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 6: Cook books

For an explanation of the 31 day blog, see Things I am not going to buy: Introduction post
I love food and eating, which is why I love looking through cook books.  Not the small, cheap, paperbacks, with lots of words and no pictures, but the great bit, glossy, hardback books, full of lovely pictures of fantastic looking meals, and instructions on how you can make them yourself!  I imagine myself in my kitchen, rustling up wonderful starters, mains, desserts, cakes, snacks, bread, for my family and friends (not to mention myself!)  The reality is rather different, however.  There is always something more important to do than to sit down and make an actual meal plan that involves new recipes, carefully going through the list of ingredients to see what I have (not many, usually) and what I need to buy (most of them).  On the rare occasion when I follow through and actually buy all the strange bits and pieces to make the amazing dish, I either don’t get around to making it, or I make it but either no-one likes it, or they don’t comment at all, and I don’t bother again.  Two years later, I find the remaining ingredients lurking in the cupboard, long past their use-by date. 

Despite this (and despite the fact that if I DO actually bother to cook something from a recipe, I search for it on the web!), I still have a strange compulsion to buy yet another glossy book to add to the large collection on my book shelf.  

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