Monday, 23 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 23: Deodourant

I'm not planning to go au natural, and forsake deodourant for ever more.  No, it's just that the curse of Costco strikes again!  This is the third day that I have had to fess up to the overstocking of certain products, and it is all down to this wretched shop!  Something happens when I walk through the door of the huge warehouse, and I completely forget to focus on the things I actually went in for (which is usually meat and wine).  I wander around the huge aisles, heaving huge packs of stuff into my huge trolley, then haul it all through the checkouts.  It is only as I put my debit card (they don't allow payment by credit card) into the little machine and look at the huge number in front of me that I come out of my trance and realise that, once again, I have purchased a load of items that I don't need and, worse still, already have copious quantities of in store at home. 

My current deodourant stash consists of a pack of 12 large aerosol cans and a pack of 12 of the roll-on variety.  DH won't use them as they are too girly-smelling, so I have supplies for the next couple of years. 

If only I'd known about Baking Soda before I stockpiled the chemical products!

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