Thursday, 5 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 5: Tights

For an explanation of the 31 day blog, see Things I am not going to buy: Introduction post

Following on from yesterday's post about skirts and dresses, is the question of tights.  Not usually too expensive to buy (unless you are a fan of Wolford, or similar luxury brands), they are easy to stick in your shopping bag at every available opportunity.  They come in many colours and levels of transparency, and some of them have lovely patterns, which look lovely worn under a skirt or dress. 

The question I have to ask myself is why do I buy three pairs of tights every time I buy a skirt or dress?  I am caught up in the same fantasy of looking stylish and ladylike as when I purchased the skirt or dress.  I have a drawer full to the brim with tights that I don't wear - most still in un-opened packets! 

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