Sunday, 29 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 29: Comfortable clothes

I mentioned my work "uniform" of black trousers and black boots in my previous blogs, and I certainly have a lot of both items in my wardrobe.  My non-work wardrobe has become, I'm afraid, a little bit too much on the "comfortable" side, and not a lot of the "style".  I haven't quite succumbed to buying the elasticated waist "slacks", that can be found in the week-end supplements - well, not quite - I admit to viewing them occasionally and thinking how nice and comfy an elastic waist would be...  

I'm already on the slippery slope to scruffiness due to my extensive fleece collection.  I have one pair of jeans that I tend to live in at the week-end, along with flat shoes/boots/trainers, a t-shirt and a fleece.  Easy to put on, easy to wear, but a bit samey.  It's not that I don't have other pairs of jeans, but when I drag myself out of bed at the week-end, I just can't be bothered to try and squeeze myself into a pair of jeans that are a little tight, or require a heel to be worn.  The jeans aren't particularly scruffy, it's just that when worn with a fleece, they do rather look like I can't be bothered - especially as I tend not to put make-up on at the week-end.  I never used to be so slovenly - I blame pregnancy.  The only bottoms that fitted were those with a very loose elastic waist, and once I realised just how comfortable they were to wear, there was no going back to tight zips, buttons and studs.  

As well as the comfy jeans, I have a number of pairs of jogging bottoms in which I love to loll around the house.  I haven't yet ventured out in them, but it's only a matter of time...

I think one of my resolutions should be to make a little more effort with my appearance - perhaps by wearing a nice skirt or dress?  A different pair of trousers or jeans would be a good start.  I must certainly never go out of the house with a pair of elastic-waisted trousers.  

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