Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 4: Skirts / Dresses

For an explanation of the 31 day blog, see Things I am not going to buy: Introduction post

Unlike handbags, skirts and dresses are not things that I am tempted to buy very often, nor is my wardrobe full of these feminine articles. So far, so good. HOWEVER, every now and then, I see someone (usually a young female) wearing a fab dress, or a nice skirt with high boots, looking very stylish, and I think “I could look like that if I wore that dress/skirt/boots”. Sometimes I forget about it, but sometimes a little dress or skirt catches my eye in the shops, and I buy it and take it home. I put it in my wardrobe, in the very small section allocated to such garments, and there it stays until the one day a year (well maybe two – one in the summer and one in the winter!) when I decide it’s time I made a bit of an effort, rather than shoving on a pair of black trousers and a top of some sort. What I always forget to remember is that whilst a snazzy little outfit can look super-stylish on a slim, confident twenty-something with swishy hair and proper make-up, it doesn’t quite look the same on a lady of a certain age who has forgotten how to walk in footwear with more than an inch of heel, and whose make-up routine consists of a couple of quick blobs of blusher and mascara and hair that looks like it has survived a hurricane because I couldn’t be bothered to properly blow-dry and straighten it! For those who remember “Last of the Summer Wine”, the image is more “Norah Batty” than Victoria Beckham.

I don’t even wear a “frock” (the word makes me chuckle, for some reason…) when I’m going out. Years ago, when I worked for a Consultancy firm that had lots of money, and had big posh do’s at the Dorchester in London, I used to go to town hiring an evening dress, and having my hair done, and generally scrubbing up pretty well, but I don’t go to events like that any more (can’t say I really miss them). If I can actually be bothered to go to a work’s bash, I usually wear black trousers and a shinier/sparkly top than I would wear to work. I will probably blow-dry my hair and slap a bit more make-up on than usual, but that’s about it.

There’s no reason for me to get rid of the small selection of dresses and skirts that lurk in the corner of the wardrobe, however there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for at least another 5 years, to buy another dress, skirt, pair of knee-high boots or high heel shoes! 

How I wish to look:

How I actually look:

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