Saturday, 30 November 2013

Things I am NOT going to buy! - Inroduction

As I have waffled on for long enough about fasting, fitness and lack of followers, I thought I would try a new theme on the run up to Christmas - saving money!  This is a personal thing rather than more general advice, as there are certain things which I have a tendency to buy and which I really don't need!  It was just going to be a blog with the a list of 10 things that I shouldn't buy.  Then, as I started, I thought I might write a little about the reason for each of the items.  As my tendency to waffle on took over, I decided that I could cover a blog for each of the items.  The more I thought about the things that I waste money on, the more items I added to my list, so here, for the next month, is my list of 31 things I must not buy!  If I manage to go for the whole of next year without buying anything on my list, I could probably afford to retire by the end of the year (assuming I put the money into a piggy bank rather than spending it on other stuff!!!)


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