Tuesday, 1 October 2013


As with the previous post, this one comes with a warning for those of a delicate nature to stop reading right now and find another more suitable blog (you might like to try a knitting blog, for example...).

Still here?  OK, don't say you weren't warned!

I am, as I may have mentioned, a bit of a gadget geek.  I browse shops and websites for little devices (or large) that come with a promise to enhance my life by making it easier, faster, more reliable and more exciting.  Gadgets come in many forms and price ranges, and, of course, their genuine usefulness.  I am very happy to report that I am still using my Fitbit after a year (although I am perhaps not quite as motivated to try and reach 10k steps every day as I was) whereas there are a number of articles that are either currently gathering dust because “I will use them one day – honest!” (the treadmill, the re-bounder, the George Forman grill, the breadmaker… I could go on…), or I have given up on them but can’t find anyone who wants them (the iJoy rider – don’t ask! – and the iSurf – clue’s in the name…).  Every now and again, something REALLY useful is invented that really does make life a bit easier, and, dear reader, I am here to tell you about my latest find.  

In my previous post, I covered the issues facing us ladies when we are out and about, far away from a comfortable and CLEAN place to, erm, go about our business.  Horror of horrors, you are going to have to use a COMMUNAL toilet - Aaaaaaaagggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Well, fear no more!  You can now purchase a little gadget that will put an end to your timid tinkling.  Made of rubber, it looks like a small funnel that you might use to decant liquids, or small granules, into bottles, although it is slightly more flexible. Placed in the correct position, we girlies can pee just like men!  Yes!  For many years, we women have been held back purely because we just don’t have what the boys have, but no more will this absent appendage cause us to feel inferior to men.  We can finally put an end to the indignities of having to squat inelegantly behind a bush, crossing our fingers that no-one spots us before we have done what we have to do and re-arranged our clothing to cover our dignity. 

So on to the test drive, which took place in Spain on our recent holiday.  One of the things we like to do when we go to Spain for our holidays, is go for a long walk down the beach to the village, have some lunch (and a few cervezas) then walk back to our apartment.  It is on the walk back that we all realise that we aren’t going to be able to make it back to the apartment without relieving ourselves of some of the cerveza (in our case) or lemonade (in DS's case).  Hubby and DS just stop where they are (out of season, they usually just do a joint performance into the sea!), and do what they have to do. At this time of year, we just walk along behind the sand dunes where it is pretty quiet.  Anyway, much to their amusement, I got out my new device and gave it a test run.  I was wearing shorts with a zip fly, and although I managed just about to move it into position, it didn’t feel quite stable enough for me to let it run, so to speak.  I tried putting it up the leg of the shorts and this gave me a little more confidence, so off I went!  I was delighted to see that it came out in an arc, the same as when my hubby and son do it, and it all went in the right direction!  Result! At this stage I should probably mention that I did actually try it out in the privacy of my bathroom before using it whilst out and about, running the risk of further discomfort and/or embarrassment caused by lack of control over the speed and direction of output.  A quick shake afterwards and I was done.  It dried immediately and is, apparently, quite hygienic (although I didn't fancy putting it back in my handbag until I'd given it a rinse in the sea).  

Well, I'm not sure it's going to totally change my life, but it might just occasionally make it a little less unpleasant.  Of course, I need to remember to have it with me when I am likely to be in a situation where I can use it, and if I am wearing long trousers (which I am 99% of the time), I will still need to take them down, which doesn't make it quite as easy to nip behind a tree.  I did actually buy the optional collecting bag, which you can use if there is no-where appropriate to go.  They give the example of being stuck in a traffic jam, but I am trying to picture the scene of using the device surreptitiously when you are stuck on the motorway.  That should give all the truck drivers a jolly good laugh!  There are probably some videos on YouTube already (not of me, I hasten to add!).


  1. Interesting! Thanks for that, quite a vision in my head now, lol. On the subject of loos, I did notice Robert Dyas had a toilety thing for campers at the beginning of the Summer. It was like a camping chair that converts to a sit down loo. Thought it looked quite good, but not suitable for stuffing in a handbag!

    I am like you though, I do like my gadgets. I bought myself a great (cheap) gizmo for making a better job of making a cup of tea in the cup .It enables you to squeeze the flavour out of the bag and makes it dry enough that you can take the teabag to the recycling bin without drips. It is truly marvellous and makes me smile every time I use it. Could do with some more gadgets like that....

    A very Happy Birthday for tomorrow and I hope you enjoy your 'complete surprise' pressies!

  2. What an amazing idea! Why should men be the only ones to able to go where ever they get caught short lol.