Monday, 9 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 9: Apps

How excited was I when I received my first iPad and, shortly afterwards, my iPhone?  I can’t begin to explain the state of pure ecstasy I was in when I discovered all the exciting apps in the Apple “App” store.  A kid in a sweet shop would be positively SAD in comparison!  Those lovely little icons, and all of them a gateway to a new and exciting app that, well, DID something!! 

I am an obsessive-compulsive list maker – I make lists of all the things I must do, should do, want to do, could do, may do, will do one day…etc..etc  Over the years, my lists have taken many forms, from little notebooks, to post-it notes, to typed up documents – each time I come up with a new way of recording my lists, I carefully transfer all the old items to the new list.  My excitement at trying out as many different task management and list making tools knew no bounds.  I downloaded hundreds of free apps and set out to find the absolute ultimate app in which to manage my life and finally get around to actually DO’ing all the stuff on my lists (learning foreign languages, writing a book, going to the North Pole, etc…).  Apps that involved actually typing into the bloody iPhone on-screen keyboard, were quickly scrapped – I really didn’t want to transcribe that amount of data using the one-finger tapping approach!  Apps that either had web front ends or ability to load data from a spreadsheet or text file were all tried and tested.  I finally settled on a few favourites:
Evernote - used to store anything and everything!  I scan documents in, send emails to it, take screen shots and web page copies, etc
ToodleDo - main task list
Springpad - I mainly use this to capture web stuff that I want to come back to - I would use for a lot more if I didn't use Evernote
Awesome Note - general lists, tasks, notes that I have on my phone - syncs with Evernote.  I use to manage tasks and lists that aren't as top priority as the ones in Toodledo

Other things I use apps for are
- singing - recording and practising
- remote controls for devices in the house
- eWallet - manage all my passwords and important info
- banking
- tracking my son (when he's on the school bus)
- Viewing our home CCTV cameras when I am on the move
- central heating control - I can turn our heating up/down/on/off remotely - that is truly awesome!
- reading (on iPad - iPhone is too small)
- cook books/recipes (iPad)
- watch TV (iPad)
- radio stations and music to listen to

I could go on and on (and on and on...).  I don't know if I will ever stop being excited by the amazing things that can be done on a phone/tablet.  The thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many people have iPhones (or other smart phones) and they only use them to make phone calls!!

Despite the fact that I have tried and tested HUNDREDS of apps before settling on the ones mentioned, I just can't resist browsing the app store and looking for new apps to change my life.  All these lovely little icons! 

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