Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 18: Clothes for my darling son

Not so very long ago, I could buy anything (as long as it wasn't pink!) for my son, and he would happily wear it.  I could pick up t-shirts, jeans, jumpers, fleeces from Tesco or Sainsbury's and he would wear them all without a glimpse at the label or a derisive comment. 

Not so now!  Any item of clothing I have bought for my son in the past year or so has been met with a look of horror, and a muttered grunt that there is absolutely no possible chance that he is going to wear the offending item.  This makes it very difficult to get him any new clothes, as he can't stand shopping, so it's not as though he wants to come with me to choose anything.

Darling hubby jumped on the bandwagon, and said that he would take his son shopping for clothes as, he thought, he was much more in tune with youngsters these days (ha!!!) and would be able to assist his son to choose some tasteful but fashionable items.  I went along with this as it saves me the hassle.  In the summer, we went to one of those retail outlet centres.  Normally this would be a nightmare, as we all walk round together, and I have to put up DH and DS whinging about the amount of time I spend in each shop.  Not so on this occasion - I suggested that they went off together to find some nice clothes for DS, which left me to wander round at my leisure - Bliss!  There mission was successful, and they bought a few pairs of jeans/trousers, and some nice t-shirts and other tops.  DH was feeling very happy that he was able to gloat about his excellent taste, and DS was happy with his clothes.  Win/win for all for us.

More recently, I was in a supermarket with DS, and I pointed out that he needed a few more items for winter, so would he like to have a look at the things they had in store.  We managed to find a nice pair of trousers that he liked, and stocked up on some underwear and pjs.  Then DS spotted a top that he got very excited about.  It was a long-sleeved jersey top with a picture of a reindeer head on the front.  He now won't take it off except when he is forced to wear his school uniform (I'd probably find he's wearing it underneath if I checked!), or going to bed.   It looks a bit like this one:

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