Saturday, 14 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 14: Bikinis

I am probably cheating a bit with this one.  Whilst I am likely to find it very hard to suppress the urge to buy some new black trousers or boots, or a lovely, shiny, leather handbag, I am most unlikely to find myself in the position of considering the purchase of a bikini.  It’s a shame really, because my bod, following the efforts I put in to bash it into shape, now looks better than it ever did when I was in my 20s (sorry, I know I keep mentioning this...), and probably wouldn’t look too repulsive in a well-crafted bikini, with large covering bottoms and a supportive top (thanks, Bravissimo).  HOWEVER, I am not Helen Mirren! 

There are definitely some things that just have to stop at a certain age – I’m not quite sure what that age is, but I have absolutely no doubt that I passed it quite a few years ago!  Wearing a bikini is high on that list.  It’s not as though I enjoy sitting on the beach sun-bathing anyway.  I’m including this item in my list just in case something happens, such as I get an invitation onto the yacht of a rich playboy, and I think “I know – I’ll buy myself a nice bikini!” No! No! No!

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