Monday, 2 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 2: Travel bags

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The quest for the perfect bag (see yesterday's post on handbags) reaches a new level when it comes to travelling!  In a bid to outwit the airlines baggage charges, most, if not all, luggage comes as hand baggage, which means I have to have the bags perfectly organised for the plane.  Not just the plane, of course, but being able to go through security with ease (rapid unpacking/re-packing of toiletries, phones and computers/tablets are a must).  I have so many “travel” bags in the loft that if I took them all with me, I would have to book every seat on the plane!  

About a year ago, I purchased, at quite a lot of expense, a Scottevest .  This is a sort of gilet/waistcoat item of clothing that contains numerous concealed pockets of varying sizes, designed to outsmart the airlines who charge for every ounce of luggage, and allow to carry lots of items concealed about your person.  

The website pictures and videos look fantastic, with travellers seemingly packing away enough items of luggage for a round the world camping trick in the pockets of the Scottevest, yet still managing to walk along looking as though they had stepped off the catwalk (see pics below!)  Huh!  In reality, I tried loading up a couple of small items such as purse and glasses, then put my iPad in the large back pocket (that's supposed to be able to take a tablet or netbook!), but I looked (and felt) like I was carrying some sacks of potatoes stuffed in my underwear.  I haven't tried again since, so that's another waste of money!


It's not as though it's stylish enough to wear as an every day fashion item.  Still, it beats some of the cheaper variations, which look as though you are walking around in a sleeping bag with holes cut out!

Cheaper version - Rufus Roo

In years gone by (more than 10 years ago), I had a job that required me to hop on a plane a couple of times a month, sometimes more.  I was always seeking the ultimate bag in which to pack everything I needed for my 2/3/4 days away in some grotty business park, miles from civilisation in the depths of Germany or Belgium or wherever.  Not very glam!  I needed to have enough smart business clothes, plus a few evening relaxing items, plus my laptop and documents, whilst avoiding the need, where possible, to check luggage into the hold, and also avoiding crippling myself by trying to hoik a heavy hand bag into the overhead locker.  I never DID find the right bag, but the loft is filled with all my attempts!   It looks very similar to this:

No more suitcases, wheelies, travel bags, hold-alls, large rucksacks, special flight bags, special items of travel clothing...!!!

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