Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Things I am not going to buy - Day 3: Storage containers

For an explanation of the 31 day blog, see Things I am not going to buy: Introduction post

Following on from the bag addiction (see handbags and travel bags), is a need to collect containers of every possible size and shape in which to store “things”.  On the theme of everything in its place and well organised, I start to have palpitations if I open a cupboard or a drawer and everything is…….well, LOOSE!!!!  Aaaaaaaaaagh!  Loose stuff, all mixed up!  Noooooooo!!!  Stuff just needs to be CONTAINED!  In a container.  Of the right size and shape.  
This need to organise everything into a container pervades every cupboard, drawer, nook and cranny in the house.  Drawers absolutely MUST contain boxes, trays or dividers that are neatly filled with appropriately fitting items, whether it is in the kitchen - cutlery, implements, cling film, bags, labels, etc, - the bedroom - pants, socks, bras, tights, make-up, hair brushes and accessories, earrings, nail polish, other nail bits, and anything else. Any other small/medium-size articles that lurk in drawers and cupboards throughout the house must all be suitably housed in a container of the right size and shape.  
I am forever searching websites that sell storage solutions such as Amazon and http://www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk.  I am forever buying boxes, baskets and containers, and have many unfilled containers lurking in cupboards (which isn't as upsetting for me as having stuff that doesn't have a container to house it).  

As well as containers for all the bits, bobs, knicks and knacks that are around the house, I have a habit of buying plastic food storage containers.  I have a dream that my kitchen cupboards and fridge will all be beautifully organised:


However, in reality, I hardly ever bother to put food into a separate container - it normally sits in its packaging (maybe with the top folded down if it's a box), whilst all the lovely plastic containers of every size, shape and colour, sit empty filling up a large number of shelves in the kitchen cupboards!
One day I really WILL be organised and empty all my open tins, packets and loose produce into nice, clean containers (on a REGULAR basis).  Until that day comes (and even when it has come and gone), I must not by any more food storage containers...not ever... and not just food storage - this applies to ALL storage containers that do not have a very specifically identified need!


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