Monday, 17 September 2012

Yet another diet/fitness blog?

So how is this one different?  Well the answer is, it isn't!  It is destined to be yet another one of those dull and boring records of a battle against the bulge and an attempt to hold back the ever advancing years.  The good thing, as far as I am concerned, is that it is just for me!!  Every now and again I might try and add something a little more interesting, just in case my loyal follower gets bored (hello sis!), however, in the main, this will just be a bit of a journal to help me on my "journey to betterment".  [Not sure if that phrase makes any sense so I put it in quotes so it looks like it might have come from somewhere else].  The theory being that if I document my plans and my progress, I am more likely to stick to the plan! (Ha!)
ttfn to my avid reader!


  1. Yay! I'm with you Sis! Will be interested in your approach and how you get on. Remember I found really useful. Did you see my list of dieting fiction books on one of my pages of my blog? Here:

    I could do with starting again, I have put on a few pounds and old habits are creeping back. Maybe I should join you... xx

  2. Watch this space! Hoping that by writing about my progress I will be encouraged to stick to the plan!

    Will also check out your other blog and the website.