Friday, 21 September 2012

Fitibit mark 2

Gosh, that last post was rather long...  I can go on a bit once I get started!

I am a bit miffed this week - having owned my lovely little device for under 3 weeks, I was not happy to see the huge announcements on the Fitbit website that they have introduced two new versions of the device - one of which is an upgrade with more functionality!  Grrrrrrrr!!    

My [OLD] model is the Fitbit Ultra (the one on the right) and the new shiny improved one is the Fitbit One, on the left

Before I go sticking mine on eBay and rushing out to get the latest model, let's examine the additional functionality:  Firstly, the new models are waterproof.  This is in response to all those people whose FBs have died following the user's neglect to remove them from the article of clothing it was clipped to before putting it in the washing machine.  There were also, apparently, some who managed to drown their FB devices by sweating too much!!  Not a problem I'm going to have me thinks... Regarding the washing machine problem, I did once manage to wash a mobile phone, but that was because I had chucked in in the basket of washing to carry downstairs and forgot I had done this when piling the washing into the machine.  OK, that was rather dumb, but I never put my bras in the washing machine so hope that I would spot it before hand washing them.  That really just leaves dropping in a puddle (hopefully won't happen due to where it is located about my person) or me falling into deep water.  If the latter occurs, my FB probably won't be the first thing I worry about… Right, I just checked the features again and it isn't TOTALLY waterproof, so in the case of falling in deep water my FB wouldn't survive anyway.  

OK, the next new feature is a little alarm to wake you up.  Apparently you get a gentle vibration at the pre-set time which can avoid waking your partner.  Well, in the unlikely event that I have to get up before him, I am a bit too selfish to care about ensuring that the precious thing doesn't get woken up [offering him the same consideration he has offered me over the years when his alarm has gone of at 5am!!!].

Finally, and this is the killer, it has bluetooth syncing with the iPhone app!!!!   {jumps up and down with apoplectic rage].  Call me odd and geeky (and you wouldn't be the first), but this is a fab feature!  I have my phone with me at all times and it would constantly be receiving little messages from the FB - how kool!  I could check my progress at any time without having to fumble down my top!  Far more dignified.  However, much as I may lament the lack of constant synchronisation, it doesn't really justify ditching the current model, as I will probably eventually tire of checking my progress every half an hour.

So, in conclusion, I'm probably going to hang on to the little fella a good while longer.  Given where it lives most of the time I feel a bit odd about selling it on eBay anyway...

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  1. Another very humorous post, despite your predicament. I must apologise for having a giggle at your misfortune, 'it's the way you tell 'em!'....

    Sounds as if you are working hard at this programme. I'm looking forward to seeing your figure results.