Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Does anyone give a toss?

Ah that’s better – I’ve gone back to being “incognito”.  I don’t like the way Google tries to take over your on-line life, tracking your every move, and announcing everything that you do to the world, his wife, his pet hamster, and every other creature in the known universe (and probably the unknown universe as well)!  I somehow found that my blog had become part of my Google + account, which I try desperately not to use in the way that Google intends.  It’s hard enough keeping up with Facebook, and I certainly don’t want to start making “Circles” in Google +! 

I don’t really have a particular subject for today’s musings.  Thought I’d just ramble on a bit and see what comes out.  My last blog, just over a month ago, was to summarise how I was doing against my targets for not-wasting-money.  Curiously, that particular blog was read my more people than any of my other blogs.  It didn’t result in any more followers – I think those that found the blog through the title “Confession time”, were, perhaps, a little disappointed with the content?  What sort of a world is it when you have to put something in the title that makes them think they are going to find something titillating?  I guess I will just have to put suggestive titles on all my blogs in future to get some “traffic”. 

So, here we are, in March already.  It’s pancake day, and Spring is just around the corner.  We seem to have got through winter without having any school closures due to snow, although with the crazy weather we have in this country, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got snow in June this year!  
I thought I would just comment on something that was on the news this morning about the number of people that buy ready-made pancake mixes – ie you add water and mix your batter.  I am definitely one of the people at whom these sort of products are aimed – short of time, not that confident in the kitchen and happy to pay a premium for things that will make life easier; but even I will be mixing up my flour, eggs and milk in a bowl in little more than the time it would take to open a packet of mix.  I could understand buying the ready-made whole pancakes, as that saves the hassle of trying to cook the damn things without having a soggy pile of batter bits in the pan and a pile of washing up, but the mixing up in a bowl is surely the EASY bit? 
I suppose I could ask why people are willing to pay through the nose for a small bag of ready peeled and chopped onions/peppers/etc, which cost about 5 times the amount of the equivalent unpeeled article, however I am most definitely guilty of buying these!



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  1. Just found this, a few days late I see. Since Google closed down their blog reader a few months ago I have to actively hunt out the blogs I'm subscribed to by using Chrome when I usually only use Firefox so if I am late noticing you have a new blog post that is why.

    I agree with you about Google+ it is so nosey and wants to see all your photos and everything. I haven't joined up, unless somehow it has set me automatically - hope not!

    I also agree with you about the pancake mix, it is a doddle to make, even for domestically challenged me, so its ridiculous to pay extra. I was very pleased with the way mine turned out this year but I didn't try to toss them 'em, which is usually what fails!